Reduce Waste To Reduce    Greenhouse Gases! 


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That what you purchase has an effect on greenhouse gases in our atmosphere?
That how you dispose of waste can impact the atmosphere?
That reducing waste can reduce greenhouse gases?

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Illegal Dumping.

Illegal dumping is a persistent problem because it threatens human health, the environment and wildlife habitat.  Illegal dumping imposes significant costs on communities, and has an adverse effect on quality of life making the ability of others to use and enjoy outdoor recreational areas difficult. 

Sault North Waste Management Council (SNWMC) is focusing on illegal dumping and its ugly blight on our landscape that has many unseen impacts in our society. We plan to protect ground surface water and fish habitat by preventing the production of the harmful chemicals that are produced as rainwater infiltrates through illegally deposited waste. SNWMC is taking several steps to prevent illegal dumping, including funding the clean-up of disposal sites and allocating staff time to carry out illegal dumping prevention and education activities.

Along the Lake Superior Shore line we have a number  of wonderful of beaches such as: Batchewana Bay, Pancake Provincial Park, Harmony Beach, Havilland Beach and a number of government owned beaches that need restoration and protection against illegal dumping. We already help play a big part in this role by protecting these areas by helping to prevent illegal dumping from happening. Our recycling program has diverted over 350 tonnes from landfill and extended its estimated lifespan to 20 years.

Spill Preparedness


Spill prevention is prudent both economically and environmentally an important tool in preventing spills is a Spill Prevention Plan. A Spill Prevention Plan specifies materials handling procedures and storage requirements and identifies spill cleanup procedures for areas and processes in which spills may potentially occur. The plan standardizes process operating procedures and employee training in an effort to minimize accidental pollutant releases that could contaminate storm water runoff.

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