Green Circle Environmental

Green Circle Environmental is located at 86 Sackville Rd.  They accept cardboard; newsprint; paper waste; steel & aluminum cans; #1 & #2 plastic bottles only with no lids.   Fees may apply.  To contact Green Circle Environmental please call (705) 945-7554.

Trader's Metal

Located at 131 Yates Avenue, at the corner of Allen’s Side Road, Traders Metal accepts all types of iron, copper and scrap metal in exchange for cash. Operating hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00-4:30. For more information call 759-1090.

Great Refrigerator Round-Up

The Ontario Power Authority will make disposal of your old fridge easier with their free removal service. If you have a refrigerator that is more than 10 years old and is still in working condition (plugged-in 24 hours prior to pick-up) you may be eligible for this service. Secondary appliances (window air conditioners, bar/mini fridges) will also be collected if you have a pick-up scheduled for a primary appliance (full-sized refrigerators and freezers).

For more information and to book an appointment for this FREE service call 1-877-797-9473.

GT Waste

GT Waste has opened a recycling plant at the Havilland Waste Disposal Site.  They accept cardboard & boardboard (all other types of paper can be recycled elsewhere); steel & aluminium cans; #1 & #2 plastic containers with no lids.  To contact GT Waste please call (705) 649-4540.